Our process

Our Process

We strive to create a more positive and productive experience for everyone involved with a project, especially the owners. Our process has been well thought out and shaped over the past few decades. Based on the foundation of relationships, collaboration and experience, we pride ourselves on its effectiveness. Our management and field teams use a robust online construction management software along with proprietary enhancements that further contributes to our continued success. Simply put, we’re able to communicate online with all parties involved and track those communications, allowing us to better manage the process in real time. As an owner, by having a live view and interaction with your projcet, you will know exactly what is going on at all times.

Lindal/Turkel Homes

In our opinion, Lindal homes are amazing! Their incredible designs and materials are unmatched in quality and elegance while their lifetime warranty gives you the comfort of knowing they will proudly stand behind their product. The new Turkel designed “Dwell Home Collection” plans offer breathtaking homes that are extremely effecient. These spectacular masterpieces were designed by Joel Turkel, the winner of Time Magazine’s prestigeous award, The Green Design 100. Our team is honord to have more than 10 years experience in working with Lindal Homes. Why is that so important? Because these homes are nothing like your average custom home. Aside from the obvious differences, there are many specific processes to follow when building a Lindal or Turkel Home. Over the past decade we have gained a very strong understanding and have developed some very effective ways of building them.

Custom Homes

Our team has built custom homes for the past 25 years. We have outstanding knowledge and processes that create efficiencies in every phase. This coupled with our incredible management system and overall professionalism will greatly enhance the success of your project while making the experience far more enjoyable. We know how important it is to get what you want so we work very hard to make that happen. Although we keep a tight schedule we make sure each phase of your custom home is handled with the prefessionalism and expertise that is needed to produce outstanding results.


Most of our projects have some type of development work associated with them. In today’s environment the steps involved can be daunting, especially when dealing with municipalities and neighbors. Having strong relationships and resources truly helps. Knowing how to determine a property’s best use is critical however, for a project to be successful there

are many other factors involved that go way beyond determining best use. All of these areas have to be taken into consideration like, the owner’s needs, zoning, density, access, utility services, slope, cost, surrounding factors, and more. Basically we have to determine if the project makes sense and if it will provide a return on investment.


The building process is most efficient when the majority of effort is put into the project before it starts. Design corrections and adjustments, project scope, material selections, multiple bids with sub reviews, a detailed schedule as well as other crucial factors go into our projects before they ever get started.

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